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Monday, June 30, 2003
As The Sun Goes Down
Mystery writer and former Baltimore Sun journalist Laura Lippman’s Slate diary week happened to coincide with the week that her ex-colleagues at the Sun were forced into a corner in their contract negotiations. They voted to swallow a concessionary contract.

Lippman vividly describes the hard choices that American workers—including well educated, highly-skilled professionals—are asked to make these days. Here’s Lipmman on the Sun’s plan to introduce a merit pay system. Under this system, the newspaper could:

“[F]or example, assign me to cover a courthouse where cameras aren't allowed, then give me a lukewarm job evaluation because I didn't produce enough feature stories with photographs. (This really happened to a friend at the Sun a few years back.) One manager—fondly nicknamed the Reich Marshal—is chatting up reporters, insisting they would benefit under the new system. I'm not sure about my friends, but I know the Reich Marshal would be happier. After all, his craven style would be less noticeable in a newsroom where everyone had to suck up.

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