Joe Kenehan Center

Sunday, June 01, 2003
Back In The City Of Angels
Harold Meyerson may be a big shot semi-regular on the Washington Post op-ed page these days, but he still keeps it real by checking in on what’s happening in his old hometown of Los Angeles.

In this LA Weekly column Meyerson reports on the recent election of Antonio Villaraigosa and Martin Ludlow to the city council and what that means for Los Angeles politics and the labor movement there.

Unions In Uniform
Here’s a NYT/Greenhouse piece on the campaign by workers at Cintas,, a large national commercial uniform service, to form a union with UNITE. What’s heartening about the campaign is that the union appears ready to dig in for the long term and help Cintas employees fight, for years if necessary, and that it wants to avoid the outdated and ineffective National Labor Relations Board election procedures—choosing instead to advocate for a process that ensures employees have a chance to form a union without interference from Cintas management. As the story poins out, Cintas can’t ship its laundries to China, so at least one common anti-union tactic won’t work in this case.