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Wednesday, April 23, 2003
Streaming Krugman
Paul Krugman gave a talk at the New School that's archived here. Like his column, a lot of straight talk about the intellectual dishonesty of Bush's economic policies and the widening economic gaps in the U.S.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003
CEOs On The March
Harold Meyerson, who's on the Washington Post op-ed page a lot these days, has a good summary of the continuing antics of America's business elite, focusing on the shenanigans at American Airlines. You know it's getting bad when Fortune, of all places, has a vicious piece attacking the excessive compensation of U.S. executives, complete with pigs feasting at the trough imagery.

Monday, April 21, 2003
Kevin Arnold's Big Brother: Health Care Decision-Maker
The story of HealthSouth was depressing enough, with Enron-like ethics seeping into the health care system, with hundreds of people losing their jobs, and with all of us, probably, getting ripped off through massive Medicare fraud. All to make Richard Scrushy, HealthSouth’s famously wealthy CEO, even richer than he already was.

But then the tragedy turns into, well, tragi-comedy, I guess.

Yesterday's New York Times story on Scrushy revealed that at the height of his run at HealthSouth, Scrushy hired on Jason Hervey as a "sidekick and marketing guru" who appeared on a weekly radio show with Scrushy underwritten by HealthSouth.

Hervey, for those of you who didn't watch enough television during the late 1980s, is an actor who played Wayne Arnold, Kevin/Fred Savage's jackass older brother on coming of age tearjerker "The Wonder Years."

Keep this in mind the next time a conservative tells you that Canadian-style health care is evil and that Americans can trust the market to make sure our health care system is running smoothly and efficiently.

Other items . . .
Good E.J. Dionne column on the Bush GOP's agenda to cripple the union movement, including a smart discussion of the ULLICO foolishness. Clearly, it's time for Robert Georgine to go. That said, it's more than a little annoying that Republicans now point to Georgine as proof that unions are inherently corrupt given that Georgine so totally embodies that kind of conservative, politically-inert unionism that conservatives like Linda Chavez claim to support.