Joe Kenehan Center

Wednesday, March 12, 2003
Judged Poorly
People who casually proclaim that there’s no discernible difference between Democrats and Republicans should take a look at this article on a Bush judicial nominee (who’s not named Estrada) who has made it clear that she aims to do everything in her power to comfort the powerful a federal judge. Even if the Democrats can stifle Estrada’s nomination, others will make it through and Bush is going to put lifelong power into the hands of some awful jurists.

Reviving the New Voice
Unionists are buzzing over this Business Week article about changes at the AFL-CIO made during its leadership meetings in Florida. The New York Times covers the same ground here. (For background, read this.)

The Union Difference
This is a must-read column stemming from the Yale strike last week. It’s rarely talked about, but one of the most basic changes that happen when working people form unions is that it changes their standing with people who are used to ignoring them. On the status-obsessed campuses of elite universities, this is not a small thing. Yale alumnus Corey Robin makes the point as well as anyone I’ve ever heard.

If A Manufacturer Doesn’t Actually Make Anything, What’s The Point?
That’s the question an internal paper at the Boeing Corporation raises. It’s something that a lot of Boeing workers have been morosely curious about lately.