Joe Kenehan Center

Tuesday, January 28, 2003
Did you notice Bush's whopping self-contradiction on health care? First he intoned that:

[W]e must work toward a system in which all Americans have a good insurance policy, choose their own doctors, and seniors and low-income Americans receive the help they need. Instead of bureaucrats and trial lawyers and HMOs, we must put doctors and nurses and patients back in charge of American medicine.

But in almost the next sentence, he hyped his prescription drug benefit, which will require seniors to join the HMOs he'd been bashing in the previous breath. At that point I pretty much expected him to officially call on Congress to give him the right to have his cake and eat it too.

Monday, January 27, 2003
Milton Friedman's Right Hand Flim Flam Man
Steven Cheung, a crony of Milton Friedman and a fellow libertarian economist, has built a comfortable life pontificating on the need for less fettered markets.

Apparently he also supplemented his income by using those markets to rip off people seeking antique Chinese art.

The Seattle Times lays out the facts in an investigative series that catches Thesearus Fine Arts -- a Seattle dealership that's probably owned by Cheung -- in the act of pawning off newish pieces of pottery as pricey antiques.

Luckily for Cheung, the innovation-stifling regulators in the U.S. government haven't taken much interest in his particular brand of fraud.