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Thursday, October 31, 2002
More Eggs

Check out this account of the living wage campaign in Santa Monica by Edmund Newton in the LA Weekly. It seems like this fight has been going on forever -- Santa Monica’s business interests got a fake living wage proposal onto the ballot a few years ago that voters sniffed out and rejected. Now a real living wage initiative is on the ballot, and the big beachfront hotels are paying for a fake grassroots campaign to oppose it.

Meanwhile, one of the hotel workers campaigning for the initiative explains what’s in it for her family: “More food. Más huevitos. More eggs."

Also in the Weekly: Minnesota expats in L.A. -- including the voice of the “brand that fits” Lee jeans commercials -- gather for a wake to remember Paul Wellstone.

Trick or Treat

Don Slack, the indispensable host of KEXP’s “Swingin’ Doors” alternative country show, treated listeners to a spin of Don Sovine’s classic “Phantom 309” a little earlier tonight. It’s an oddly appropriate Halloween song, in a way -- a sentimental ballad about the kindly ghost of a trucker who died swerving to miss a stalled school bus and now acts as a spectral Good Samaritan. Treat yourself to a listen.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002
More On Wellstone

Harold Meyerson writes the definitive appreciation.

The New Republic includes a nice tribute from Jonathan Cohn and posts a 1977 piece from Wellstone himself about North Carolina textile workers fighting to organize a union.

It Ain’t Over On The Docks

The shipping employers are hoping the Justice Department will bring the weight of the federal government down on the ILWU. Read the ILWU’s response here.

David Bacon digs for details I haven't read anywhere else in the LA Weekly. This Labor Notes piece also has good analysis of the shipping companies’ strategy.