Joe Kenehan Center

Saturday, October 19, 2002
SoCal Report

The Joe Kenehan Center staff was briefly in Los Angeles earlier this week—just long enough to spend a little too much money during a pilgrimage to the holy sites of Amoeba, Rockaway, and Aron’s.

(Sightings . . . Beachwood Sparks drummer Aaron Sperske moonlighting as a record clerk at Amoeba.)

Speaking of Los Angeles, somehow I missed posting this excellent Harold Meyerson piece about the LA Weekly’s successful effort to stop its advertising staff from forming a union. It's a good history of employee-management relations at the paper and it's all the better because Meyerson doesn’t try to excuse away how wrong it was for the Weekly to resort to those tactics.

Sunday, October 13, 2002
Investing for Change

In the days before most of us had heard about Enron’s Raptors, market utopians would wonder at the sight of the “people’s capitalism” that America had built.

These folks would note that American workers -- through their union pension funds -- watched over billions in investments. This, the marker zealots smugly told us, meant that loosely fettered markets had created a “workers’ society” far more giving than anything Michael Harrington or Irving Howe could’ve imagined.

But now that one major pension fund is actually throwing the ball downfield for the benefit of social and human good -- rather than just trying to do its fiduciary duty and avoid quarterly third and longs -- the market enthusiasts aren’t exactly happy about it.