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Thursday, September 19, 2002
Changed, (Not Really) Utterly

Is gravity finally affecting compensation for American CEOs?

While there are signs that it might be -- Jack Welch will have to pay for his drycleaning. The Conference Board bashes the rich. Alan Greenspan’s possible successor gives a preachy speech denouncing CEO pay -- Nick Penniman points out in The American Prospect that the disgust with CEOs hasn’t quite jelled into a broad movement yet.

Reconsidering the 90s

Former Clinton Administration economist Joseph Stiglitz looks back at the 1990s economy. Stiglitz continues to expose weaknesses in the Washington Consensus on free trade and also points out that America pretty much ignored an early example of deregulation gone bad: the S&L crisis that closed the 80s.

Boeing Leaves The Building

Boeing made all kinds of excuses for why it moved its corporate headquarters from Seattle to Chicago a few years ago.

My own theory is that Boeing executives simply realized that it’s much easier to ruin someplace from thousands of miles away -- they just don’t want to have to here when the shock of losing thousands of middle-class union jobs hits the Western Washington community.

Knute Berger's essay in the Seattle Weekly on the future of Boeing in the Seattle area does a good job of explaining what this means for the Pacific Northwest.

Do We Really Want Kenny Boy In The Tower?

For some reason, the GOP hates America’s air traffic controllers.

Everyone remembers Reagan’s disgraceful firing of the members of PATCO.

Now the Bush White House -- which sometimes seems just incapable of putting the public’s interests ahead of corporations' -- insists that we shouldn’t rule out privatizing the air traffic control system.

A sensible editorial from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer explains some reasons why this is a stupid idea. (The P-I forgets to mention that the July air disaster involving a Russian jet crashing in Germany happened because of an error made by a Swiss controller working in a privatized system.)

Help Save The Youth Of America

Remember when you thought that web savvy twentysomethings were supposed to rule the world (that is, if you believed all that crap that the Industry Standard ladled out back in 1999?)

Things are a little different now. Most young workers support forming a union at their workplace.